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Experience moving naturally in nature.

Feel energised, refreshed, free and alive!

Join our small group for an immersive experience

Using natural human movement, holistic approaches and play to create a memorable experience in nature.

So that you can go away and experience Nature beyond walking

What will you experience

The MoveMore Naturally Experience Brings Together
Movement - Mind - Environment.

Using Our very own MoveMore Yoga, StoryTime Movement, MoveMore Functionally and LiveMore Naturally alongside the philosophies that make up the Bowland Fitness and Thoughts from a Tree teachings.

3hour- The 3hour Experience brings in all of the above in a shorter form, built on last years 2 hour experiences there will now be more time to get into each area, large focus on connection to the environment through movement, with the invitation to deeper connect through earthing (barefoot) and flowing cold water (hands- feet- more)

Full Day- Immersing yourself into each element and putting them together. You will restore your human capabilities, create the ability to MoveMore Naturally, Explore your Connection with Nature, Express your new abilities or what was always in there and now is free. After this Experience you will be set to start exploring and experiencing having connected with Nature and People you will have a tribe of support as a Natural Human!

Bespoke- Book a Hour, 3, 6, a day..... choose your elements based on yourself and your participants. Private to your friends, family, team..... Book a chat and lets make it Natural for You

StoryTime Movement- This is booking the StoryTime Movement element on its own, great for parties, festivals, schools or kids clubs. But its not just for Kids, this really can free you from your Adult limitations. - I tell a Story and Move to the Story the participants choose to follow my exact moves or the create their own versions.

Book a Chat to find out more and work out a Bespoke Package.

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