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Farming Stronger For Longer

You are strong. But staying strong and more importantly pain free, is a different story. It is possible and with some small changes might be easier than you thought.

The aim of Farming Stronger for Longer follows in line with living healthier for longer. So rather than it becoming more and more of a struggle you maintain your youthful abilities.

Staying younger for longer, Farming Stronger for Longer, so you can continue to do what you need to do.

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Stay Strong and avoid Pain

There are many, many reasons to keep active, stay fit, and maintain a strong body. And in farming, for a high percentage of the year you will be active, but you also need a strong, flexible, body to stay pain free, and to keep performing at at the most effeicient and highest level. So that, well you can keep the farm going and keep earning. But also so you can live an active family/social life.

Check out

 for some great exercises to fit in your busy day to Stay Strong and Avoid Pain 


Energy for the Field

To be strong and have the energy to maintain that strength pain free, the right food as got to go into the body, at the right times; alongside avoiding energy reducing food, and not eating too often.

In terms of the food, its really simple for the majority, eat as natural as you can 80% of the time. Check out

 This cheat sheet really simplifies the when and the what.

Its not just avoiding though think of nutrition as things that provide, energy, strength and building blocks for muscles, bones the brain and all the tiny little things that happen to make sure we live healthier for longer.


Top Tips for Longer Health

Farming Stronger for Longer isn't just about your body and physical activity or the food you put in. But also Your Mental Health or Mentally Stronger for Longer.

Physical exercise and the food you eat are a massive influence on your mentally health, your gut is connected to your brain and can alter energy levels, cognitive ability, chemicals and emotions. These are all interconnected. All the energy for the field tips will help with you're mental health. Other things to think about seriously are

Habit Change- Stack new habits to your daily routine

Connections- Stay in touch with friends, family and organisations such as Field Nurse Trust, RABI, and FCN

Resilience, flexibility to deal with stress- I am not a farmer but through my own journey, I see 5 key aids, Community, Exercise, Diet, and Using the environment beyond work. Check out my Mental Wellness Stories at 

Sharing and finding advice- You are the knowledge and that needs sharing, from obstacles and barriers to successes and carreer highs.....


Case Study 1

Pain free Sheering

Using Exercise to strengthen key muscles, to be able to move in and out of functional positions, helping reduce pain, and keep the body resilient against repeat injuries.

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