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Hello my name is Hetty and I am qualified hypnotherapist of 16 years and in 2016 before the birth of my first child I became a qualified hypnobirthing practitioner with Jenny Mullan, the UK’s first and most long standing Hypnobirthing Practitioner and trainer.

What is hypnobirthing:

Hypnobirthing is a complete childbirth programme for pregnant women and their birth companions, which teaches simple but effective self-hypnosis, relaxation, fear release and breathing techniques, and an understanding of the physical and mental changes we can make to ensure our birthing experience is what we want it to be.

This antenatal course is ideal for anyone wanting to take control of their birthing experience and be empowered to create the ideal environment to birth instinctively and naturally.

My Birthing Story:

Through my hypnotherapy practitioner experience I knew just how empowering and powerful hypnosis can be to achieve positive change, so as soon as I became pregnant I knew I wanted to take the journey to not only having a positive birth experience for myself, but to be able to support other parents embarking on this exciting journey.

Sure enough applying the knowledge and skills following my hypnobirthing qualification with my first birth were life-changing. In some respects I experienced a certain amount of pressure leading up to the birth of my first baby, as I wanted it to be everything I had practiced and preached for many years.

My first birth was everything I could have hoped for, it was in hospital with my husband by my side and was as natural as I'd wished for. I had the reassurance of midwifes close by, but also they allowed me to have limited intervention and my baby girl Iris was born quite beautifully in a birthing pool in a relaxed and calm environment. For my second birth I had complete confidence that I could visualise exactly the type of birthing experience that I desired and despite being consultant-led throughout pregnancy and being told I would need to birth in hospital, I managed the home-birth I so desired. My baby boy arrived into the world very quickly and through the powerful breathing techniques I teach and my very unflappable husband, Hector came into the world after only a 20 minute labour in the comfort of our home. The home-birth without the fantastic midwifery support of course wasn't chosen, but the speed of labour, my instinctive and calm approach to birthing and the support of my husband (who is well versed in all things hypnobirthing) made me feel safe and I can honestly say it was a truly magical experience.

I offer private hypnobirthing workshops designed around you from the comfort of your own home.



The online private hypnobirthing course is designed to fully prepare you for your baby's birth and enable you to feel confident and empowered for your exciting journey ahead.
I offer my courses this way to enable you to get the most out of the session and to be able to provide a flexible and private environment to explore any fears, worries, aspirations and where you can be open and as relaxed as possible. My 16 years clinical hypnotherapy experience means we can also explore positive techniques to release any fears or anxieties about birth before embarking on your special journey.



· Emotional release of any fears, worries or anxiety
· Breathing techniques for the different stages of labour
· Visualisation techniques
· Knowledge of how the body prepares for labour and what happens during birth
· Creating the best environment for labour and birth
· Exercises to help prepare your body for birth
· Writing your birth preferences
· The role of your birthing partner
Dates/Times: the course format is flexible but typically consists of 4 x 2 hour sessions (7-9pm)
· Hypnobirthing handbook
· Hypnobirthing scripts
· Access to videos demonstrating breathing techniques
· Ongoing email support

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