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You want to escape the uncomfort or even pain, to feel free to do the things you want with the people you love.We live in a modern world of health mismatches, so much influence towards bad habits and social "norms" that can leave us feeling stressed, uncomfortable and depressed. Disconnected from our own bodies, and how we move in the environments we should thrive in with the people we love.Bowland Fitness will help you thrive in the natural world, enjoying the ways your body moves and interacts with the environments and the people around you.You will feel energetic, alive and confident in an active life.  Are you ready to MoveMore Naturally? Contact me for more info.-Matt-

Our Team.

Bowland Fitness was born out of years of experience in the Fitness and Holistic Therapy industry.
The Line is to take you from feeling stuck- into a Reborn state of Health- into a freedom to Adventure.
To find out more about Matts Philosophies on Holistic fitness click below

We want you to

MoveMore Naturally

To Best Help Bowland Fitness offers 1-2-1 Personal Training, Classes, Online Programs and Experiences
Stone Tower

Nurturing Mental Wellness

New Course

Hetty, rejoins us with a new course- Nurturing Mental Wellness- Bringing all the success of her Hypnotherapy over the years to a group level. 

Limited Spaces, so please apply soon.

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