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You want to escape the uncomfort or even pain to lose the stress and anxiety, the worry about your future health and whether you can do the things you want with the people you love.

We live in a modern world of health mismatches, so much influence towards bad habits and social "norms" that can leave us feeling stressed, uncomfortable and depressed.

 Disconnected to our own bodies, and how we move in the environments we should thrive in with the people we love.

Bowland Fitness will help you thrive in the natural world, enjoying the ways your body moves and interacts with the environments and the people around you.

You will feel energetic, alive and confident in an active life. 


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About Matt

I always felt better with movement and nature

My fitness life followed this pattern the more equipment the less comfort, finding myself going back to trusting and training my body, rather than chasing the newest things in the fanciest gyms.

Growing up around sport I was always better at training than the actual sport itself and it gave me comfort to know I could excell when fitness was called beyond skill, and when it wasn't enough I spent time learning the skill to keep up. 

It was this inscecent need to always find out how and why that pushed me towards personal training, the learning gave me a platform, then it was the recovery from the devastating loss of my brother that gave me the drive to help others for 2 reasons,

  1. so that people could be confident with their bodies and not have to live in emotional and physical pain.

  2. so that people could experience the positive place it took me to and out of darkness i was in.

Fitness helped me get through my pains both physical and emotional, connecting with nature made me realise much more of my potential.

I now have the firm belief that combining movement, environment + light, nutrition, and mind will help free you from feelings of uncomfort with your body, from the stress of modern life so that you can live with energy, be able to join in with friends and family and to feel confident when you do.


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