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Are You Online

You've probably seen the quote "Better connection out here, No WiFI" Well its somewhat true. Your body should be online, this being a strange term that is associated to your bodies electric circuitry; funnily enough being disconnected from wifi alongside other nNEMF (non Native Electro Magnetic Fields) helps your body stay online. Using the Applied Movement Neurology assessment we can tell if your online or not, how to get a quick fix or dig deeper if theres something else happening within the bodies circuitry.

3 things to do to help your body stay online.

  1. Keep your hydration up- drink >2L of water, drink 250-500ml before your first meal. (there is more to hydration)

  2. Earth. Earthing is my favourite go to. It easily accessible, as massive benefit and is simple. Place your barefeet on the natural ground for 15minutes.

  3. Move. Move in complex ways really helps to train your gait circuitry and well creates massive activation in the brain think a neuro synaptic firework display!

  4. Tapping and bouncing or peizoelectricity

  5. Breathwork help regulate your body, (leveling out) it can take an over stimulated (heightened/stressed) body to a more relaxed state, and a under stimulated body to a more ready state.

  6. Limit nNEMF's especially in the evening. Thats your screen time in the simplest way, reduce electronic devices in your room. (A bonus not included in the video)

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