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ReBorn to MoveMore Naturally

Create and Condition

A little bit of background, this is the calendar of my movement year, this is actually my fitness, health and work year.

Quick bit of programming wisdom (old school) teaching would have cycles based on your sport and or current level. There is little given for regular health on a holistic base. For me this is it. Second bit of programming wisdom, these interact, cross over and take place on a daily, weekly monthly cycle.

Opposite is how my brain sees it

Don't worry it isnt as anxiety inducing as it looks!

In simplicity it shows a cyclical motion from the daily circadian rhythm through to the weekly cycle of Create-Restore to the monthly cycle to the yearly cycle.

So a session in January may heavily focus on Create, but will still contain Restoration, a small amount of exploration and Expression. Whereas a session in April will hold a heavy focus on Exploration, with elements of Expression Restoration.

The result this beautiful layering or better still spiral of cycles creating the world life infinity symbol. A symbol of dynamic creation and continual production of energy for th body by going through these cycles.

In the Video below I will discuss the Create part of this cycle, the exercises we do and how it all connects with life.

Why its the Move More Naturally way!

Hope you enjoyed this blog, to find out more check out our membership packages

Stay Natural


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